who we are


DARULOMRAN is a Data Communications & Telecommunications Company specialized in providing innovative technology solutions to design, build and manage data network & telecommunication infrastructure projects. DARULOMRAN established its operations in KSA as a full Advanced Technology Systems Integrator DARULOMRAN is an information technology solutions provider with focus on high-end networking systems. The company's services range from consulting to software and hardware deployment, operations and management. DARULOMRAN 's competitive advantage derives from our uncompromising pursuit of world-class products and services, a total commitment to offering it's clients value added services and it's global partnerships with worldwide sector leaders. DARULOMRAN has implemented extensive infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia, as well as a number of other countries in the region.

our history

DARULOMRAN was founded in 1991, as one of the best Customer Services solutions providers in K.S.A., and has Partnership with the best Technology partners worldwide. Today, DARULOMRAN implements and maintains some of the most prestigious and comprehensive fully converged enterprise solutions in K.S.A. With a lot of installations and satisfied customers over the past years by our certified technical team, DARULOMRAN current customer base includes Telecom, Education, Finance, Government and Private companies.

With over 20 years of experience between our management we are in a unique position to stand out from the crowd. Our company is driven by our passion and dedication to our customers needs.

Throughout our history DARULOMRAN has combined our in-house designed hardware and software to build specialist high density, high throughput Telecom platforms and applications. We share innovation and field-proven technology across our entire product range, to reduce risk, shorten development cycles and to deliver you a solution faster.

DARULOMRAN strategic planning is to create a Data Networking and Telecommunications organization that will be covering the Middle East and Africa, with a focus on high end networking solutions.

What We Do....

We are committed to helping our clients make the best possible decision
With international capabilities and a lot of experience providing project management, Data Networks Design and Implementation, PDS & OSP infrastructure, wireless connectivity, training… etc, DARULOMRAN has the necessary experience to exceed the performance expectations of our clients for any Data Networking and/or Telecommunications investment. DARULOMRAN provides an integrated range of Customer Services solutions including:


At DARULOMRAN, we aim at providing the best in every aspect of what we do. With a team of highly experienced certified professionals with over 10 years of experience, we provide our clients with day-to-day solutions to all their requirements. We have achieved the biggest tenders from our well established clientele, some of which include HP, DHL, STC, The Boeing Company and Arab National Bank. We also have the highest number of employees in the Kingdom and we are rapidly expanding.

DARULOMRAN continuously aims to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. As possible as our Company Solutions & Products. Nothing is more important to DARULOMRAN's success than the ability to build and maintain strong and lasting relationships with its clients. DARULOMRAN will do the best to ensure that, for each client, he will become a long-file client, and will always work to get the right to be its customer's first choice.

Our mission

  • Excellence
    We aspire to be leader in our field , as individuals and as an agency . we have pride in our professional approach and in the quality of our work.
  • Valuing People
    We value our workforce, their experience ,skills ,knowledge and commitment Our people are important.
  • Responsibility
    by taking into account the environment in which we do business, community views and the common good.We are diligent, we listen to our customers' needs and we share their challenges. We value early, accurate and open communication and we are committed to supporting our customers and responding quickly. We meet our commitments and always operate with the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity.


By offering the most comprehensive and competitive solutions in the market place we are able to offer you a solution that is individually tailored to your companies needs now and in the future. We are sure that we will get your trust.

Our vision

“Our highly trained technicians will work with you in building the right system that will best serve your business needs while keeping you within your budget. We believe in creating your system from the "ground up" which means we will design, install, and maintain your system. With additional services like Voicemail applications, messaging, and a host of others, we're bound to satisfy your Telecommunication needs..”