Addressable Fire Alarm

Addressable fire alarm systems transmit data over the detection circuit which provides you with detailed information. The main advantage of an addressable fire system over a normal conventional system is that each detector has an individual identification number and this number will then be assigned an address. By having a detector with its own address, any fire or fault can be quickly identified by your staff and the fire brigade, allowing people to escape via the safest route. Another advantage is that the parameters of each detector can be set from the main panel. This means the sensitivity of the detector can be programmed to the times it operates and also what it operates. At Assured we never compromise on quality or reliability when it comes to fire alarm equipment. We are installing life saving systems for you, your staff and visitors and for this reason we only use equipment renowned for its reliability and high quality.


Secutron manufactures a complete range of advanced conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, detectors, signaling devices, accessories and service tools for any new or retrofit application.The Secutron line of life safety products includes a complete range of systems and peripheral devices to meet the requirements of any multi-unit residential, commercial, institutional or industrial application.



SimplexGrinnell’s fire detection and alarm capabilities help set us apart as the industry leader. Using the strength and quality of the highly respected Simplex® brand, we provide advanced solutions for customers. We have the technology and knowledge to deliver high-quality fire alarm systems in a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. Plus, we complement our products with tools and resources to support contractors, engineers, building owners and local fire officials in the design, installation, service and oversight of fire alarm systems.


Gent by Honeywell

Gent by Honeywell is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire detection and alarm industry. We are passionate about developing innovative products so that Gent becomes the brand of choice when protecting life and property. Through our broad education programme, and our approved system integrators, we are committed to delivering safe environments and peace of mind.


ESSER by Honeywell

Requirements for future-proof fire alarm systems are complex, such as custom-made configuration and need-based development, flexible extension with new functionalities and components or downwards-compatibility. In addition customers expect a sophisticated design, user-friendliness and low lifecycle and maintenance cost. From the very beginning ESSER kept setting trends in fire alarm systems. Listening to our customers’ needs always has been and still is our top priority in order to continue this trend. Fire protection solutions are as individual as any project itself. ESSER offers solutions specifically designed for the individual requirements. The future starts today – at ESSER we are thinking ahead.



Cooper Fire manufacture and supply complete fire systems, not just individual components. A complete system can be specified from a single source, confident in the knowledge that all system components have been specifically designed and tested to ensure that they are all fully compatible with each other and will function as a fully complete fire detection and alarm system. It is absolutely vital that all elements of a fire detection system are fully compatible with each other. To support this philosophy, our large multi disciplined research and development team, based in Doncaster is responsible for the integration of the latest technology into the full range of Cooper Fire products.



To meet the requirements of our ever-changing market, we pride ourselves on being a complete fire alarm system supplier. This means our customers can rely on us for their entire fire system requirements.One of the main advantages of using a complete system supplier, rather than a component supplier, is that system wide compatibility is assured. Marketing our products as systems has played an important part in the success of our Zeta branded products worldwide. When the system is sourced from one manufacturer, there is one point of contact and no compatibility issues.



Bosch offers a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification. Our solutions provide precise, life-saving information at critical moments and are relied upon to help protect office buildings, warehouses, lodging establishments, educational facilities, retail stores and many other types of facilities