Satellite Dish Antenna

WISI Antenna
Antennas for a wide variety of applications can be developed to customer specifications and manufactured economically. Individual antennas can be realized just as much as combination antennas with multiple functions. WISI Automotive provides you with RF filters and splitters for modern signal management.

Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH has provided a continually expanding product portfolio relating to wireless LAN. Along with industry-compatible active devices such as access points or clients, these also include cables, antennas, overvoltage protectors, etc. as integral parts of the range. This range enables the customer to set up entire installations simply and securely. We are continually improving our product portfolio, as WLAN technology is very innovative and is constantly being improved.

Ikusi has extensive experience in the telecommunications sector and in the integration of solutions and with a team of professionals trained in the different areas of information technologies, project management and technological consulting. Besides the experience amassed, Ikusi also has the best partners in the market to administer critical infrastructures with the greatest possible efficiency. Top-level global partners, which enable it to offer the best solution to each need.

For over 50 years now Televes has been known for manufacturing the best off-air antennas in the world and our signature orange color has become synonymous with state-of-the-art aerials. Nowadays, Digital Terrestrial Television has taken a hold of our lives, the new digital environment allows more viewing channels and services than ever before. High Definition Television is further enhancing the service offering of the Digital Terrestrial Television and is rapidly becoming the standard for off-air transmissions.