Sound Systems

A line of amplifiers designed to satisfy the most demanding enthusiasts and engineered to provide the best sound performances.Elegant flat design, conservative power rating, easy to install, inner electronic crossover for maximum versatility, selected components, careful handcrafting, high mass internal heat sink, are just some of the features of this line.DARULOMRAN Systems represent a major stage towards the development of into an all-embracing sound company with the promise of advanced and innovative, professional amplification and processing equipment to follow. As with component audio products, the sound system design philosophy continues to be researched - a quest for the ultimate quality, performance, reliability and user convenience combined with subtle and sophisticated cosmetic design demanded by the foremost sound consultants and sound managements.


The next generation of background sound and public address systems is here. Faster to install and setup, easy to use and control, PLENA matrix will deliver outstanding audio performance in any small to medium sized installation requiring up to 8 zones of sound distribution. Add to that lower running costs, extended product lifetime and amazing zone control options, and you have a top performer in its class.



TOA not only produces amplifiers and speakers, but also the very sounds themselves. For the various sounds required by a project, TOA responds with total systems that include design, installation and management to provide the optimum sound for each installation. We design sound systems for a variety of spaces using precise sound field simulations and digital measuring technology to capture live sounds, while constantly referring back to our ever-growing accumulation of data and know-how.



Panasonic P.A. systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces. With these equipment so carefully designed, it looks as good as it sounds. This unbeatable combination of auditory and visible quality has made Panasonic P.A. systems the choice of acoustic professionals for more than forty years. Innovations spanning the full spectrum of Panasonic electronic expertise now make them better than ever, whatever your application is.



Since 1947, Crown Audio has provided the professional audio world with products that have defined the standard for performance, reliability and sound quality. Crown serves the Installed, Tour, Commercial, and Retail sound markets providing amplifiers, microphones and other products tailored for the specific needs of each of these markets. Whether you’re gearing up for a world tour, stadium or restaurant install, or buying your first PA system, Crown has world-class solutions that bring cutting-edge technology with unparalleled value. Call a Full Compass Sales Pro today for your Crown Audio needs!



Project-oriented philosophy always focused on tomorrow, embracing severe construction standards and the on-going aim to provide the best sound quality in the least complicated way. Today, we develop our technology through a two-path approach: on the one hand products are tested within most demanding live-concert environment where operating conditions are much more severe than anything most of our users have to deal with; on the other hand we design and build our own digital tools necessary for testing and analysing our electro acoustic systems.



paging systems (alarm and public address) and pro sound. Paging systems are used primarily for messages, background music and, in case of emergency, for alarm signals and announcements designed to save lives, such as directions as to how to evacuate a building or stadium. The emphasis of pro sound systems, on the other hand, is upon the high quality reproduction of music, though obviously sound reinforcement systems of this type could equally well be used for speeches or announcements as well.



Russound systems and components create a powerful and flexible foundation for any multiroom audio installation. The C-Series multiroom system offers advanced features that make enjoying your musical experience even easier. Party Mode allows you to control the music and volume in every zone from one zone using a shared source.