Computer Networks

Computer networks are the heart of any business, and the ease of connecting new systems and making data available is a key to early payback. Whether you are installing a new computer network, upgrading your current infrastructure or just looking to improve its performance, DARULOMRAN experienced network engineers can offer you sound, knowledgeable and impartial advice to allow you to install a fast, reliable, robust and scalable computer network solution.


When looking at networking basics, understanding the way a network operates is the first step to understanding routing and switching. The network operates by connecting computers and peripherals using two pieces of equipment; switches and routers. Switches and routers, essential networking basics, enable the devices that are connected to your network to communicate with each other, as well as with other networks. Though they look quite similar, routers and switches perform very different functions in a network. Cisco Systems is undoubtedly best known for their line of network routers and switches. products range from basic consumer routers and switches under the Linksys brand to top-end routers that help form the backbone of the Internet. Besides routers and switches, Cisco Systems produces numerous other types of network equipment including VPN, storage, and video conferencing systems.



As the world networking leader, we are partnering with cutting edge appliance and device manufacturers to build the smart home of tomorrow. In that home, you will experience easier living through a variety of smart devices that will be connected to your home network. As more and more apps are released for Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers, it will become the key to running tomorrow's connected home. .Linksys Smart Wi-Fi gives you the flexibility to access your home network from anywhere at anytime. With it you can download an ever-expanding suite of apps that make it easy to run your connected home from any browser or mobile device. Imagine turning on the heat before you get home, or making more ice without having to leave the backyard. This and much more will become a reality as Linksys Smart Wi-Fi offers new apps that let you easily access an increasing number of smart devices. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi is included with every Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router.



HP FlexNetwork architecture brings consistent and open standards–based networking to enterprise networks in the data center, campus and branches. HP networking switches offer high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity that dramatically reduces network complexity and lowers cost of ownership.Campus and Branch - Extending SDN simplicity with FlexCampus FlexBranch, Data Center - Virtualized with the power of FlexFabric and SDN, Small Business - Your own affordable, scalable solutions.



a manufacturer of long-range wireless communication network equipment in Taiwan. EnGenius features a complete product line for all wireless environments, from enterprise-class wireless communications systems. EnGenius Outdoor Networking Solution offers robust and dynamic features that allow business entities to implement large scale high performance wireless network.



When an enterprise customer needs high-performance network infrastructure solutions, real-world capabilities can make the difference between business success and failure. Highly advanced SYSTIMAX solutions give enterprise executives and IT managers plenty of power to tackle mission-critical, high-bandwidth and emerging applications. Thanks to their built-in intelligence, world-leading performance and superior reliability, backed up by a 20-year warranty, SYSTIMAX solutions help enterprise customers take advantage of business opportunities that affect profitability — today and for years to come.